From Farm to Fork

Beef Carcasses in Fridge

Beef from Bodle Street

We buy whole carcasses of grass fed Sussex Beef because of its consistent high quality. The Sussex Breed is one of the oldest native breeds of cattle in the UK with its origins being traced back as far as 1066!

Once delivered to us we then hang the carcass for a minimum of 30 days, giving the meat time to tenderise and develop a deep, rich flavour.

Lamb from Bodle Street

Traditionally butchers would hang lamb for at least 1 week, we still do this in order to let the flavour mature. 

JFH Farming Ltd supply us weekly with grass fed Southdown and Texel Cross lambs. Southdown lambs are a native breed to us (as the name suggests) and are rich in flavour. 

Texel Cross lambs are a larger lamb that produce quality meat at higher carcass weights and are very popular with our catering customers who need larger quantities of lamb. 

Sausages in fridge

Pork from Bodle Street

Consistency is key when it comes to pork and they don’t come much more consistent than Large Whites. As the name suggests, these yield a large carcass which is ideal for us with all joints of pork we sell, both retail and wholesale, and all the sausages we make!

Chicken from Suffolk and Norfolk

Animal welfare is always a priority for us when selecting suppliers. This is why we source our chickens slightly further afield but still from high welfare, quality English farms.

Free Range Chickens through Diaper Poultry of Suffolk and Farm Fresh Higher Welfare Chickens from Banham Poultry in Norfolk.