Our Story

“With a strong team you can achieve anything, where would we be without family and friends?!”

We started our venture sharing a cutting room with another business while we established our website and product base. With limited funds but a clear vision of what Craig wanted to achieve, instead of paying rent at the cutting room he worked for the farmer eviscerating chickens in the day in return for use of the cutting room out of hours to prepare our own online orders.  

Some of you may remember the early days! 

After 6 months, we outgrew this arrangement and set up our own processing plant on another farm in Herstmonceux which enabled us to grow our business. This cutting plant was purpose fitted to our exact needs and was the point where we could process a lot more orders and even started doing private cutting of carcasses for other local farmers and farm shops.


Our online orders increased quickly at this point and we were able to permanently draft in family members, Ellie and David, to start making our deliveries as Craig’s time was spent butchering and processing orders. 


Also at this point, we first met Jack and Freddie (JFH Farming Ltd) two young farmers with a farm just 3 miles down the road in Bodle Street Green. We have been supplied our Beef, Lamb and Pork from JFH Farming Ltd ever since and have a great working relationship with the two them. 

In May 2023 we were fortunate enough to open a shop within UpCountry Garden Centre in Stone Cross. This has grown the business even further with a busy shop whilst continuing our online sales!  

Soon after opening the shop, John joined the team as our second butcher and has been a delight to have on board. The team has continued to grow with Esther and Ken making our weekend deliveries.

A special mention also goes to Adam for all the shop fitting and maintenance work.

“Having worked in the Butchery industry for 14 years in Eastbourne and the surrounding areas I have gained a range of experience and knowledge. From the people I have worked alongside and suppliers I have met along my career, I feel fortunate to start a business and create my own product range delivering the ethos in which I believe.” Craig Stevens